Welcome to TopChops.Net!

TopChops.Net – short for “Top Chops On The Net” – applies the idea of the chop to the web economy. According to the OED, the word “chop” reflects usage in India and China indicating a seal or official impress, a license or passport made valid by such a seal or, as used in the China trade, “a mark on goods to declare their nature, quality, etc.; a trade-mark; hence, a particular ‘brand’, sort, or class of goods bearing the same trade-mark.”

Domains are the chops of 21st century trade. TopChops.Net features domain names that have “the chops” for startups, fintech, food and pharma firms, entertainment and techology innovators, retail concerns, professionals and service providers. While the focus is on brandable domains, TopChops also features generics suitable for product launch and landing pages. Leveraging top chop domains is smart business, as the right domain can be your passport to new and niche markets.

All domain names featured on TopChops.Net are available for sale. To make an offer on a domain name listed on this website, you can send an email with your contact information and offer to Domains@TopChops.Net. Sales will be concluded through Escrow.com, with escrow fees to be paid by the buyer; Escrow.com terms of use shall apply.