One Winning Strategy

There’s a fascinating account in the Feb. 2016 Inc. magazine on sports clothier Under Armour’s rise to the number 2 spot in the sportswear field and UA’s creation of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community. UA built its Connected Fitness community of 150 million users worldwide partly by acquiring three firms that aligned synergistically with UA’s “Make All Athletes Better” mission – MapMyFitness (a┬ásuite of mobile apps and websites designed “to make fitness social, simple and rewarding”), MyFitnessPal (a nutrition tracking system) and Endomondo (“a free personal trainer in your pocket”).

The Inc. piece provides a telling anecdote on the value of strategic domain name acquisition: When Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank initially reached out to MapMyFitness co-founder Robin Thurston about his plans, Thurston replied that MapMyFitness “had bought several hundred domains based on every physical activity, and planned to launch new products for each.” Spanning the field of activities so thoroughly was apparently a winning domain name strategy. MapMyFitness became a star in the UA constellation in 2013, when UA acquired the startup for $150 million.

UA’s domain name holdings also span several iterations of the UA mission and vision. A few examples:,,,,, and


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