Food & Drink

Our Food and Drink offerings include new beverage brands and new hospitality industry concepts for dining, delivery and staffing. How’s your sous force?

Frappoeira combines “frappe” with “capoeira” for a Brazil-inspired energy drink.

KPOP Dish is the plate for a KPOP-themed bar and bistro concept or a KPOP-inspired foodie, fashion or beauty site.

Sails of Erin, a name inspired by tales of ancient and modern Irish mariners, has many potential uses. Among other things, it’s a fantastic name for a restaurant or pub chain.

SousForce is a top chop domain for a restaurant or hospitality industry staffing service or job site.

Stoutcraft is a play on statecraft and celebrates the trend toward craft beers and stouts. It’s a heady label for a brewer dedicated to the dark arts.

Sushi Bourse is the hook for a seafood vendor selling and shipping fish and sushi-related products and supplies at wholesale and/or retail.  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow) (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)

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