BitMapt is a strong name for a financial app, given the wide reach of the word “bitmap” and the popularity of the “bit” prefix in the fintech field.

BlockchainSure is a commanding label for a provider of distributed ledger systems and tools to insure against fake and mistake. Blockchain is the emerging global verification standard, with applications reaching beyond bitcoin and finance to sectors ranging from luxury goods to pharmaceuticals to organics, to name just a few.

Building Blockchain fuses “building block” with “blockchain” in a bold mission statement that doubles as a domain name.

Coinbista is based on “cambista,” the Spanish and Portuguese word for “money changer”; it’s an instantly memorable name for a provider of exchange information and services for digital coin systems.

CrowdFinster, based on the slang for five dollar bill, is spot on for a crowdfunding platform for small contributions.

Gold Trade Zone, echoing the globally popular “Free Trade Zone,” is a golden trumpet for a gold exchange or gold trading firm.

Internet of Investing is an inviting vehicle for an online broker or e-trading platform; it’s a natural to roll out in TV commercials and radio spots inviting viewers and listeners to explore the Internet of Investing. The resonance of this name is reinforced by calling to mind the powerhouse Internet of Things trend.

Ledgerette is the emblem for a blockchain network developer focused on empowering the new class of entrepreneurs in small business, developing country and women-owned enterprises.

PayWall Mall is an instant-recall rhyme for an aggregator of paywall-controlled and other premium content offering access to local, national and global media on a package or piece-by-piece basis.  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)

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