Marketing, Advertising & PR

Internet of Investing is perfect for TV and radio spots inviting the audience to explore the Internet of Investing at a landing page leveraging this phrase; the similarity to the powerhouse phrase “Internet of Things” is a great memory hook.

Now In VR presents virtually unlimited possibilities for introducing new virtual reality products.

Price Cutting Edge is spot on for a coupon publisher; it’s also great for a customer loyalty program, wholesale buyers club or warehouse club.

Radio Ad Buy is fundamental to many marketing projects, and is especially vital to new product introduction and political campaigns.

An optician is a technical practitioner who designs and fits lenses to correct your vision, helping you see the world better. The reputician is a public relations pro with a dynamic focus on the lens through which the world sees you. Reputicians have the tools and technology to monitor that lens and protect and enhance your reputation.  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)

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