This page features instantly memorable domain names for startups in the digital coin space (bitcoin, alt-coin, etc.). Blockchain entrepreneurs can also get their tags here!

Alameda Moeda can be used to market the digital coin superhighway in the modern and marvelous Portuguese-speaking world.

Bitcoin Eurasia is a prime geomarker for a bitcoin firm serving Eurasia. An area that includes China, Russia and the EU, to name just a few, can certainly command a dedicated domain for bitcoin.

Coinbista is a nod to the Spanish and Portuguese word for “money changer” and the similar English word “cambist” for an expert in foreign exchange.

Coinboro reflects two key meanings of “boro,” a variant spelling of “borough,” as a self-governing community or, in an earlier era, as a fortess, castle or citadel. These definitions may explain the popularity of the “boro” or “borough” suffix in American place names going back to colonial and frontier times (e.g., Brattleboro, VT, Boonesborough, KY). The name Coinboro is well minted for the electronic frontier, since digital coin gives ordinary people greater autonomy and security.

Coinberra and Cointabria are introduced in honor of Canberra, which is both the capital of Australia and home of the Royal Australian Mint, and Cantabria, an autonomous community of Spain and the birthplace of what is now the largest bank in the Eurozone.

Coin Trade Zone is the digital age answer to the globally popular “free trade zone” and its U.S. equivalent, the “foreign trade zone”; as bitcoin and blockchain economies grow and develop, the digital coin space will be more and more global – and less “foreign” everywhere.

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