Cord Cutting Edge is the name for a venture ready to take the cord-cutting revolution to the next level by offering superior broadband alternatives to traditional cable and satellite, giving consumers a new edge in the home entertainment market.

Cultural Clothier is the wrap for the authentic apparel provider covering modes from Hollywood to Huallywood and Bollywood to Nollywood.

Hallyutopia is spot on for promoting or distributing the best of the Korean Wave.

Haptic Empire can rock the virtual realm.

KpopDish.TV is the set for a cooking show celebrating the rich and delightful diversity of Korean cuisine.

Mobile Game Data has it all: it’s niche-descriptive, easy to remember, and easy to spell; perfect handle for an enterprise leveraging mobile data for game development, traffic, advertising and sales and marketing.

Now In Virtual is the “Now in Color” for the virtual age.

PayWall Mall is the place for premium content packages.

VR Prix stands for great virtual reality.

CordCuttingEdge.com  (BuyNow)

CulturalClothier.com  (BuyNow)

Hallyutopia.com  (BuyNow)

HapticEmpire.com (BuyNow)

KpopDish.TV  (BuyNow)

MobileGameData.com  (BuyNow)

NowInVirtual.com  (BuyNow)

PayWallMall.com  (BuyNow)

VRPrix.com  (BuyNow)

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