The offerings here include strong brandables for geo domains (Locavore Domains) and Pinyin-denominated domains, as well as self-help and law-related domains.

Locavore Domains could be developed to highlight domains with a local flavor or geographic sense. As explained in its current website, the “local” root of locavore is applied broadly and figuratively.

On the world stage, with all the excitement surrounding the “Chinese Gold Rush” and dot-CN domains, it’s easy to forget that Pinyin domains have enjoyed great success in the dot-com market. Pinyinaire and Pinyin Dragon could house bustling markets for Pinyin domains. Who knows? Maybe your Pinyin domain will make you the next “pinyinaire.”

Questminster, which has many potential applications, can be a top brand for the self-help domain market.

We’ve all heard the maxim “no man is above the law” and phrases like “respect for the law.” Common phrases like “the law” make uncommonly strong domain names.

The Law Domains is a powerful exact-match name for a market for domains in the law. Domain names for law firms, law practice areas and legal referral services can all be marketed at This domain can also be used to market legal and paralegal employment sites, criminal justice and legal education domains.  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow) (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)

Please also see our “geomarker” domains in the Coin and Real Estate categories. You can find a searchable list of all domain names featured on this site at our A to Z Index.