The Internet of Things or “IoT” is often hailed as a profoundly disruptive force, sometimes with dire warnings about its implications for personal freedom and privacy. The IoT also heralds fantastic empowerment, enabling new choices in how we learn, live, work and play – especially for our growing senior population. For example, connected homes and medications, along with self-driving cars, may enable many more seniors to continue living independently in their own homes, rather than settling for institutional living arrangements.

The Internet of Teaching will revolutionize education. It’s going to provide unprecedented student customization and depth backed by IoT-powered crowd tutoring. With expanding access to mobile devices, connected schools and connected classrooms, the IoT promises to bridge the digital divide across the interactive board.

In the healthcare arena, the Internet of Meds may be a boon to people with multiple prescriptions and their families. For example, sensors in pill bottles can help patients to monitor their prescription medication dosage and timing, sending a text to the patient and/or to a designated family member or physician if the patient misses a dose.

The Connected Capsule is another vital IoT development in medicine, bringing us back to fantastic sci-fi visions from the 1960s. In 2014, a French startup reportedly developed an ingestible capsule to measure a patient’s gastrointestinal temperature. Similarly, the U.S. FDA webpage provides access to an August 2012 evaluation of a “grain-of-sand sized” Ingestible Event Marker attached to a pharmaceutical tablet and used along with a wearable patch to record heart rate, activity, body angle relative to gravity, and time-stamped, patient-logged events. is a smart place for smart pills!

Industrial Clothier is a fab label for workplace wearables.

Lidarship is a bold brandable for Lidar remote-sensing technology, which is critical to IOT applications such as self-driving cars. The uses of Lidar range from archaeology to spaceflight. Climb aboard the Lidar-ship!

The Internet of Pipes will be another critical IoT enterprise, providing interconnected and intelligent control of water, heating and cooling systems in homes, offices and institutions, maximizing comfort while cutting costs and conserving critical resources.  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)  (BuyNow)

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